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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a marker to my map?

You sure can! Markers are an excellent way to make your custom map even more personal! People often add markers to a home address, an engagement or wedding site, or the location of a first date (this is why our maps make the PERFECT 5-year "wood anniversary" gift!). To add a Marker, click the "Markers" tab above the Google map on the left side of the design editor page:

Can I add text to my map?

You can't do this with our online design tool, but Woodcut Maps can help you add text to your map for an additional design fee. A few things to keep in mind: (1) Simpler designs tend to look better with text than complex designs do, (2) Text will generally remove all the mystery from your otherwise excellent artwork / conversation starter, and (3) During checkout, you will have the FREE options to give your map a title (handwritten on the Certificate of Authenticity on the back of the artwork) AND request a gift message (laser-etched on a scrap of real wood veneer). With all of this in mind, if you still totally want some text on the face of your map, send us an email with your design number and what you're looking for: support@woodcutmaps.com.

Can you help me fix something with my design?

Yes we can! We have special access to more design parameters than we surface on the website. We can often make a missing body of water or park appear, improve fidelity, or highlight buildings (for instance) to make your map match your vision. Just send us an email with the design number you're working on that describes your situation: support@woodcutmaps.com.

Can you design my map for me if I tell you what I have in mind?

We'd love to! We have over 8 years of experience designing beautiful custom wood-inlay maps, and we are experts at using our design tool. :) When you place your order through our Etsy shop, you get to play Art Director - and we make it super easy for you. As part of the purchase process, you'll be asked to let us know the location you have in mind, if/where you'd like a marker, and if you have any general wood preferences. We'll send you three initial renderings for review, each at a different zoom level and with different combinations of wood. Each of these renderings will be stunning but tailored for different tastes - getting your feedback will help us hone in on YOUR perfect design in the next round of renderings. We keep going like this until you greenlight a design, and then we make it to order. You can place your order through our Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WoodcutMaps.

Can I add a frame or edgebanding?

You can add a frame or edgebanding to your order during checkout. We offer a variety of attractive options:
Finishing Options

What kind of wood do you use? Where do you get it?

We use only all-natural wood veneers. We never dye or stain our woods - all those beautiful colors you see are courtesy of Mother Nature! We work exclusively with local suppliers, though the woods themselves are sourced from around the world. You can check out sustainability and origin information here: http://woodcutmaps.com/sustainability.

Where are your maps made? Who makes them?

Woodcut Maps is proud to be a part of San Francisco's vibrant artistic community. Each of our custom wood-inlay maps is made to order in our home-based studio in San Francisco, California by Woodcut Maps co-founder Catherine Herdlick and under the supervision of three happy-go-lucky rescue cats and the encouragement of her husband and co-founder Gabe Smedresman. Your purchase helps feed all these hungry mouths and supports our local arts scene - thank you!

What's your turnaround like?

It takes time for Catherine (uh, me) to breathe life into the gorgeous maps that you design. Since having a baby, my turnaround is taking a bit longer than usual. In general, it takes me 2-4 weeks to finish a map. This fluctuates and can be up to 2 weeks longer depending on your map’s size and complexity, the size of my backlog, my wood inventory, my baby's developmental leaps and setbacks, and any production mishaps I encounter along the way. Childcare is starting soon so that I can be back to my usual 1-2 week turnaround in time for the holiday season. :)

I'm on a deadline, can I get my map sooner?

Probably! If you need your map in time for a special occasion, please let us know! We may be able to provide complimentary rush service. Depending on our backlog and production availability, we can often produce 9"x16" and smaller maps in 2-3 business days (note that this does not include shipping time). If you'd like one of our larger maps sooner or our backlog is really huge, we may need to charge you a RUSH FEE. If you need your map by a specific date, please email us at orders@woodcutmaps.com.

How do I include a gift message with my map?

During checkout, we'll ask if you'd like to include a complimentary gift message. Each gift message is laser etched on a scrap of wood veneer. We don't include packing slips, so be sure to sign your name in your message if you're having us ship your map directly to a gift recipient! If you would like to add a gift message to an existing order, please email us at orders@woodcutmaps.com.

How does shipping work?

Woodcut Maps ships within the United States via UPS and US Postal Service (Priority Mail) and internationally via US Postal Service. Delivery within the United States usually takes 1-4 days depending on how far from San Francisco you are. We offer FREE shipping within the US for maps 9"x16" and smaller. Expedited, International, and large-item shipping costs vary and are displayed during checkout. Please note that Woodcut Maps is not responsible for any international tariffs or additional customs duties imposed by the destination country. On occasion, some countries charge an additional customs tax based on the declared value of the item being shipped; this is outside of our control.

I live/work in San Francisco. Can I pick my map up from you directly?

No. We used to offer this option, but the coordination involved proved too costly. But the good news is that we offer FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping on most of our maps. If you're local, your map will usually arrive the very next business day after we ship it out!

Can I make my own map?

Yes (if you live in or will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area)! Catherine runs public custom wood-inlay map workshops 1-3 times per month in her garden studio in the Mission District. She also runs the workshop as a creative, hands-on team building activity for up to 40 people either in her garden studio or onsite at your company. You can learn more and book your reservation here: https://woodcutmaps.com/events.

Can I return my map or cancel my order?

Because every map is made to order, orders are non-refundable once we have begun production.

My map is damaged - can you fix it?

If your map chips, fades, breaks, warps, or incurs any damage at all, at any time, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Please contact Woodcut Maps directly for more information (team@woodcutmaps.com). Please have the map number handy so we can look up the map (it’s listed on the label on the back of your map).

How do I take care of my map?

We recommend that you display your map outside of direct sunlight to prevent the wood color from fading. If the wood begins to look dry, you can refinish it every 6-9 months with Walnut Oil or Emmet's Good Stuff, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

I still have a few questions...

Feel free to send them our way: support@woodcutmaps.com. We'd love to hear from you!